Amy Poehler’s Web Series about Girls and Science

Amy Poehler is an American actress, author and comedienne and is a long supporter of girls’ education and empowerment. She has a project, Smart Girl’s, that is dedicated to just that. Her website has created a new web series aimed at teenage girls and focused entirely on science, called “Experimenting with Megan Amram”.

Megan Amram is a comedienne and writer and is no stranger to blending satire and science. She wrote a fake textbook in the style of Cosmopolitan magazine called Science…For Her! For this video series, “Ms Amram plays what’s essentially a female stereotype equivalent to Stephen Colvert’s version of a conservative,”. In this case, she is totally focused on her appearance and superficial things. But in between the over-the-top character’s outburst, the show adds some large doses of science.

The Smart Girl’s website contains full instructions on each experiment. The video above has Ms Amran interviewing Dr Beverley McKeon, a noted aeronautics professor at CalTech.