Engineering – Go For It – Resources for the Busy STEM Teacher

eGFI is an e-magazine and resource-rich website developed and maintained by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).  They have a free teacher and student newsletter, and a myriad of resources and lessons for all grades from Prep to Year 12.  While the links to the curriculum are based on American syllabii, the resources are clearly categorised under age, curriculum area and engineering discipline.

The website is

Here is a sample lesson, to whet your appetite:

A Tasty Experiment

Grade level: 3-7

Time: 90 minutes


Student teams in grades 3 to 7 learn the key role that smell plays in being able to recognize foods by conducting taste tests while holding and not holding their noses. They then create bar graphs comparing the number of correct identifications for the two experimental conditions.

Engineering Connection

Chemical and food engineers use information about how people sense taste to develop artificial flavors closer to the real flavors they are designed to mimic.
You can download the whole experiment, including worksheets, curriculum links and external resources.