EngQuest – Primary and Middle School Engineering Made Easy

EngQuest 2016 will launch in February 2016.

EngQuest is a free primary and middle school STEM outreach program run by Engineers Australia.  The program provides an exciting, hands-on opportunity for students to participate in fun, educational engineering activities to inspire them to pursue a career in engineering.

For Students:

Students can register for free (independently of their school) and gain access to heaps of information about engineering.  There are fantastic interactive projects, including “Rebuilding a Community”, “Construct a solar cooker” and “Construct a catapult”.

By completing your projects, you will receive a “reward” from Engineers Australia.

Click here to watch the introductory movie.

For Teachers:

EngQuest provides an exciting, non-competitive way for students to participate in free, fun and educational engineering activities involving science, technology and mathematics.”

The projects are curriculum-based and linked, and include instructions, background information, lesson and activity ideas and student activity sheets.  There are projects for lower primary, primary and middle year students.

When you register (did I mention it was free), you receive access to all of this, and you can also order an off-line set of projects.

Projects include:

  • Rebuild a community – Humanitarian engineers provide a valuable service to communities all around the world. Your students will assume the role of humanitarian engineers and construct a model of a rebuilt community following a natural disaster.
  • Construct a catapult – Investigate energy and motion by constructing a working model of a catapult.
  • Construct a catchment – Dams and reservoirs are vital to Australia’s water security. Construct and test a model of a catchment area.

and many more.

Find an Engineer Volunteer:

By registering for EngQuest, teachers and schools can access a huge database of engineers in their local area, who are willing to contribute to your programs in various ways.  Engineers Australia facilitates this process.


By the way, did we mention it was FREE!