Lismore REP – Teachers

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  • Lismore REP - Teachers
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Engineering Link Group is proud to provide hands-on engineering experiences to Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Studies teachers of northern New South Wales.  Engineers from the local community, in partnership with the local group of Engineers Australia, will meet and work with you.

Engineers will present on a combination of the following points:

  • A brief overview of what their discipline actually is all about.
  • Examples of real projects or jobs or research you’ve been involved in.
  • Information that teachers can use to help answer the question – “when will we ever use this”?
  • Any practical activities or ideas that teachers can take back to their classrooms to use.
  • Links to the NSW curriculum.
  • The knowledge that teachers know you and can (when appropriate) call on you for ideas and assistance.

There will be time dedicated to reviewing existing activities and projects with the engineers, exploring new opportunities and networking with your peers.

The actual program will depend on the mix of teachers and engineers on the day.

This program is NESA-Accredited – Proficient Teacher.

Some feedback from teachers who’ve attended an REP in the past:

  • I felt this was one of the best in-services I have been to.  I will be keen again next year – thank you.
  • I found the opportunity to meet and network with engineers invaluable.
  • Sharing of resource ideas and witnessing application of, particularly, mathematical concepts in a real life scenario was very valuable.
  • Keep up this excellent format.



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