Exploring Energy Engineering at UNSW

The first Engineering Link Project in partnership with the University of New South Wales was a great success.  This project had an energy focus, with students working with academic and professional engineers in areas of mining, renewable energy technology, petroleum and chemical engineering.

Students delved deeply into projects where they:

  • constructed and raced model cars powered by solar panels,
  • designed and built a dragline,
  • planned, calculated and costed the best route to lay a gas pipeline, and
  • modeled, dug and reinforced a petroleum wellhead.

Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive and we are very much looking forward to engaging with the students of New South Wales again in UTS ELP 2015.  The Projects will be different, but the experiences and outcomes will be the same.

At first, I was unsure about choosing engineering as my future career path, however after experiencing the schools and disciplines of engineering, I found that it was a career path that I would like to pursue in the future. (Anne-Marie)

I enjoyed discovering and learning about engineering as a collaboration of design and innovation (Maisie)

Actively engaging in the pracs allowing me to experience engineering first hand (Emily)

The hands on experience, availability of staff and students to ask questions, the support and encouragement of all those involved (Anon)

Experiencing realistic engineering. (Selina)

Loved seeing the final products in action and talking to ambassadors (Elizabeth)

Best part: actively engaging in the pracs allowing me to experience engineering first hand (Emily)