Merry Christmas and Thank You

As 2015 comes to an end, The Engineering Link Group would like to acknowledge and thank everyone that helped and supported us this year.  It’s very dangerous to list everyone (in case we forget someone) but its worth the risk.  If we do inadvertently leave you out, please know that we sincerely appreciate your support (and let us know so we can correct the oversight).

To begin, we’d like to acknowledge and thank our major supporter and sponsor – Lloyd’s Register Foundation.  Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to bring our Projects to the students and teachers of Australia.  We are very grateful for their ongoing commitment to STEM, particularly here in Australia.  Thank you also to Engineers Australia (Queensland Division), TransGrid and Thiess for their support this year across multiple events and locations.

We are very grateful to be partnered with the best tertiary institutions for engineering in Australia, and we’d like to acknowledge and thank them (and their staff and academics):

  • CQUniversity, particularly Scott Jones, Ian Devenish and Ian Tomlinson
  • James Cook University, particularly Shelley Christie and Jeremy Gordon
  • La Trobe University, particularly Dr Jon Stanger, Dr Eddie Custovic and Ninetta Wood
  • Queensland University of Technology, particularly Rachel Bilsborough, the STEM High School Engagement team and the QUT Ambassadors
  • University of New South Wales, particularly Kate Stead and Sandra Harrison, and the UNSW Ambassadors
  • University of Southern Queensland, particularly Dr Steven Goh and Raylene Jones
  • University of Technology Sydney, particularly Tracey Grinter and Jenny Donovan, and the UTS Ambassadors

We are particularly grateful to the Deans and Heads of School of each university we work in, and the support, technical and laboratory staff – without your support, we would not be able to operate our projects.

Engineers Australia (Queensland Division) have encouraged and sponsored us for many years, and for that we continue to be very grateful. Thank you Ian McEwan and Sara James for your on-going support and encouragement.  Thank you also to the regional EA groups – Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay, Bundaberg and the Darling Downs.

As has been the case since our inception in 1994, we have had unbelievable support from engineers and engineering firms across three states.  2015 has been no exception, and we continue to be amazed at the dedication of these excellent engineers and scientists.

So, thank you to:

  • AECOM (Qld) – Frank Fernando
  • ANSTO (NSW) – Liz Killen
  • Aurecon (Qld) – Grant Patterson
  • Axiom Watertech (Qld) – Peter Sharry
  • Australian Army (6ESR) (Qld) – Capt Joel Bell, Capt Luke Ebneter
  • Barnson Pty Ltd (NSW) – Richard Noonan
  • Boeing (Qld) – Robert Ryan and team
  • Calibre Consulting (Qld) – Aiden Wallace
  • Charles Sturt University (NSW) – Josh Devitt
  • Civil Support (Qld) – Graham Bigg
  • Craig Jacques & Associates (NSW) – Craig Jacques
  • Defence Force Recruiting (Qld, NSW, Vic) – Major Gareth Pihl, Squadron Leader David Child, Lieut Sean Dowling
  • Ergon Energy (Qld) – Shani Boag, Joshua Hockey, Steven Lowry, Erwin Van Wyk, Dan Warne
  • HI Fraser Group (NSW) – Mary-Anne Stuart
  • Horizon Oil (NSW) – Andrew Fernie
  • Incitec Pivot (Qld) – Pratik Patel
  • Institute of Surveying (NSW) – Michael Spiteri
  • JCU (Qld) – Bronson Phillipa, Jeremy Gordon, Stephanie Baker
  • Kite Magic (NSW) – Michael Richards
  • La Trobe University – Simon Messer, Nghia Tran, Mrudhul Krishnamurthy, Dr Robert Ross
  • LEAP into Engineering (Vic) – Dr Jon Stanger
  • Leighton Contracting (Qld) – Tim Ryan and team
  • Lindsay Dynan (NSW) – Tim Walton
  • Lismore City Council (NSW) – Rod Haig
  • Lloyd’s Register (Qld) – Leanne Ayre
  • Maryam Moradi (Graduate Engineer) (Qld)
  • Mechtek (Qld) – Alex Georgi
  • Michael Punshon (Consulting Engineer) (Qld)
  • MineOp (Qld) – David Krinke
  • Mount Isa Mines (Qld) – Leonardo Corica, Jessica Naylor
  • MPF Surveying (NSW) – Matt Forsyth
  • Omega T (Qld) – Lukas Skoufa
  • Peter Clark (Consulting Engineer) (Qld)
  • Petrovic Engineering (Vic) – Michael Petrovic
  • Port of Townsville (Qld) – Robert Henaway
  • Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads (Qld) – Xing Wei, Ying Liu, Robert Grant, Ross Percival, Rachael Cochrane
  • Queensland Nickel (Qld) – Chris Hodge
  • QUT (Qld) – Amy Gunnell, Nathan Perkins
  • Royal Australian Air Force (Vic) – Sam Edwards, Lieut Annie Szekely
  • Royal Australian Navy (NSW) – Lieut Deb Tevelen
  • Russell Mineral Equipment (Qld) – Andrew Tuxford
  • SLR Consulting (Qld) – Arthur Hall
  • Southern Cross University (NSW) – Prof Scott Smith, Maree Savins, Brian Mackney
  • Stanwell Power Station (Qld) – Mitchell Horn
  • Swan Environmental Project Management (NSW) – David Swan
  • TAFE Brisbane (Qld) – Rodney Watton, Carolyn Garner, Allan Beasley
  • TransGrid (NSW) – Kevin Hinkley, Andrew Kingsmill, Simon Hirshbein, Carl Schmidt, Dr Darren Spoor, Sophie Dowling
  • UNSW (NSW) – Robert Largent, Dr Peter Neal, Dr Pierre de Clech, Dr Rudra Mitra, Deenu Rajaratnam, Helena Scimone, Elena Estrina, Dr Ivan Perez-Wurlf, Allison Wenham, Dr Phil Allen, Dr Craig Roberts, Prof Vicki Chen, Dr Stuart Prescott
  • USQ (Qld) – Mark Norman. Dr David Thorpe
  • UTS (NSW) – Assoc Prof Yusuf Pisan, Prof Mary Coupland, Terry Brown, Dr Sam Johnson, Dr David Davis, Dr Max Hendricks
  • Young Engineers Australia (Vic) – Andrew Grisinger, Laura Bird, Stephanie Koll, Gamila McRury

Finally, teachers have graciously and generously given up their time to support and/or host our Projects in 2015, and we’d like to acknowledge and thank them publicly as well.

  • Tony Muller and Joanne Cooper – Toolooa State High School
  • Lisa Mazzer – Tannum Sands State High School
  • Michael Darcy – Trinity College Beenleigh
  • Angela Smith – Iona College
  • Lizzy Mathai – Padua College
  • Andrew Kirkby – Toowoomba Grammar School
  • Lee O’Neill – Mareeba State High School
  • John and Sandra Grantham – TELG volunteers
  • Mary Shelley – Penrith Christian School
  • The staff at The Rivers Secondary College, Kadina High Campus, especially Principal Ian Davies and Science Head Teacher, Zane Van Den Berg
  • The staff at The Canobolas Rural Technical High School, especially Principal Chad Bliss and Community Liaison Officer, Vince Lovecchio
  • The staff at Fintona Girls School, especially Principal Suzy Chandler and Mathematics Coordinator Cathy Devlyn

We look forward to a bigger and brighter 2016.

Merry Christmas from TELG!