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The Engineering Link Project is our flagship program. During the two day program hosted by a local university, students are mentored by professional engineers to solve model problems from different disciplines of engineering. 

What is an ELP?

An ELP lasts for two days, with each day following a similar format. Students select a discipline they are interested in and they spend the day working in that area.

Projects are offered to Year 10, 11 and 12 students, depending on the location.

Over the course of each day, the students complete a proposal detailing the problem, test results and the recommended solution which is assessed by the guest engineer. The students then build their final solution and test it, usually to destruction, before debriefing again with the engineer.

During the Project, the students tour the host university, inspecting facilities and observing current research projects and highlights of each faculty.

What do you do at an ELP?

  • A guest engineer from the local community (industry or university) talks briefly about their career, about why they became an engineer, what their life as an engineer is like and what problems and situations they face in their work.
  • Students receive a model problem and in groups consider the problem, test materials, complete any calculations necessary, design their solution and produce a proposal.
  • The proposal is assessed by the engineer and, if approved, the solution is built.
  • These solutions are then tested (usually to destruction).
  • The engineer and students debrief and discuss the day’s outcomes.

What sorts of Projects might I participate in?

We have a range of programs that we offer, depending on the engineers and the location of the event.  Our projects are all hands-on, requiring a level of mathematics and science knowledge and the ability to solve a reasonably complex problem, in teams, in a short time frame.

Our Projects draw inspiration from a variety of engineering disciplines, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, computer systems, aeronautical, environmental and mining engineering.

Want more information?

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If you are an engineer and would like to volunteer or find out more information, please click here.

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It was really fun to meet all these like-minded people from all over Queensland.
ELP Student
Previously I was unsure how Maths and Science applied to the real world, but this has enlightened me and I’m sure I will give my studies more focus.
ELP Student
Thank you for giving Year 11 and 12’s the chance to experience the different sorts of engineering first hand. The engineers and staff were great.
ELP Teacher

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