Teachers – Great Maths Resources to Start the Year

As you are starting to get your thoughts and resources together for the new teaching year, I thought I’d share a few great Maths sites to get your juices flowing.

http://topdrawer.aamt.edu.au/ – if your school’s maths department hasn’t subscribed to AAMT / QAMT / MTANSW / MTAV, then it should.  Only about $180 a year for a school (I think).

http://www.mathematiciansinschools.edu.au/resources/ – especially subscribe to their free newsletter “Maths and Stats by Email”

http://amsi.org.au/ESA_middle_years/Middle_Years.html – also has a great area for careers in Maths – helps the kids (and we teachers) to know some of the answers to “why are we learning this?”

http://nlvm.usu.edu/ – Virtual manipulatives (allows students to manipulate variables and other concepts to allow comprehensive understanding (requires java – won’t work in Google Chrome, but will in other browsers)

If your school doesn’t already have other software to do these jobs, then I really recommend the following:

“Geogebra” – Geometry and Algebra – http://www.geogebra.org/cms/en – free!

  • There is a huge amount of support and curriculum materials for this software (http://tube.geogebra.org/)
  • Works on tablet (apple and android) and PC

“Graphmatica” – Graphing software – http://graphmatica.com – free!

  • Easy to use graphing software
  • Again, heaps of support materials

We welcome teachers sharing other great resources they have found, across all STEM subjects.  Drop us a line (admin@telg.com.au) and I’ll share them with everyone (and acknowledge you and your school at the same time).

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Have a great 2016!